BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump is *BACK* on Two Major Social Media Platforms

Donald Trump’s social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook appear to be restored. The header for Facebook was updated to his alert “Text Vote to 88022”.

Many of Trump’s followers on Twitter wondered when the website will follow suit. But Twitter has made it a point that Donald Trump is never going to be allowed back on the website, which has stirred a great deal of controversy.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, the Democratic Party’s Big Tech allies colluded to ban former President Donald Trump from social media platforms.

They are even trying to ban the Trump Presidential coin.

Americans have been talking about the Trump Coin, especially after Trump and members of his family confirmed it. In February, it became more popular than Bitcoin. This makes the Democrat elites weak and powerless, even members of their own party buy it because experts claim the value of this coin will rise above $300 when President Trump is back in office. 

The Trump Coin is a symbol of victory and success of President Trump and nobody can change that.

Are you going to allow them to stop you from getting the Trump coin after all the propaganda against it!
It’s a symbol of unity and support for President Trump, that’s why they want it gone!

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